Hey my names Aidan, I'm from Tasmania, Australia. Love being outdoors, on the coast, on mountains. Surfing is the best.
Left home to see a bit of the world. These photos and words are from the journey with a few here and there from back home. cheers
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Eiki Helgason mocking skiers everywhere ha


    Eiki Helgason mocking skiers everywhere ha

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  • Panama city a city of contrasts - view from the front of the hostel & view from the back.

  • Nicaragua II

    Long and arduous journeys require a sense of humour to get you through so when your taxi driver abandons you bags n all stranded in the middle of a seedy market (luckily most of the drunk locals were the friendly variety) and tries to charge you extra as his cab is “out of service”, your board on top of the chicken bus gets trampled over by the luggage guy and your 8 hour below freezing bus trip has you shrouded in poo particles thanks to the blocked up loo the best thing to do is laugh it off. Well it didn’t work for the double fare but there’s really not much else you can do, most of this blog has become a transit journal but somehow some of the most memorable moments have been in the process of getting to places…

    San Juan Del Sur is Nicaragua’s main tourist beachside destination and not without reason, being right in the middle of a rugged coastline pocked with beautiful surf beaches north and south, dense jungle inland and charters catering for your every need from fishing, booze cruises even duck shooting trips. There’s also no short supply of loud bars. It all sounds a bit garish but being the low season the place was fairly tranquil. Thus acquiring a taxi to one of the beaches no problem at all, all was required from us was gather, boards in hand in the street and next thing we would be surrounded by taxi drivers having a bidding war for our business. Ernesto our driver was not only the most affordable but also the most entertaining as he slapped passing cows on the rear and thrashed his cab up hills most 4wd owners would take a second glance at. Luckily our stay in San Juan coincided with the annual turtle nesting season and after being promised to see lots of turtles we jumped in a troopy and bumped along a track through the night to the reserve. Lots of turtles we did see, so many in fact that the small beach was covered in them, it was turtles bumping into turtles and us tripping over them, luckily they didn’t seem too fazed about the bumbling tourists and went on with natures call and pumped out a unbelievable amount of eggs each. The guide estimated about 10000 turtles on the beach and I now understand how it takes 1000 eggs to produce a mature age turtle. The beach was littered with ping pong ball eggs as the new arrivals frantically dug up earlier nests and hatchlings. Justin and I helped the little ones out to the ocean by applying a piggy back method of placing the little ones on the backs of the mothers on their way out to sea and tried to point the turtles heading off track in the right direction, they were ridiculously heavy and generally didn’t appreciate our help but it was nice to think that we played our part in the co-existence of man and nature and left content.

    After a trip up the hill to the Jesus statue for one of the grandest sunset vistas on the coast, a snorkel mission along the sea cliffs/caves we had spotted from the statue, getting caught in the middle of a FSLN chicken bus political parade, multiple plato economico’s washed down with cheap rums and a few more various beach trips with various results it was time to sell my board which has caught me waves in 7 different countries (and acquired twice that amount of dings) and bus past the twin volcanoes jutting out of lake Ometepe (another attraction placed in the too-hard basket) and spend a few hours on the border into Costa Rica. I had heard that to enter you have to show a onward ticket or proof of exit so when I showed my hand scrawled flight details in my diary I was surprised it was sufficient enough to gain entry.

  • San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

    San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

  • San Juan Del Sur

    San Juan Del Sur